Photo Gift: How to make the most of your photos!

Photo Gift: How to make the most of your photos.

Here at FFM HQ, one thing we know about is how to organise your photos! We are sent hundreds of your precious images every day and it is so important that we get the presentation right. Your personalised photo gift means the world to you and it is pretty important to us too. We want to get it spot on for our valued customers so we put together a quick guide to help you choose the best quality photos for your gorgeous print.

  1. Have a good old look through all your photos.

We live in such a busy world, sometimes it’s tough to take the time to make a choice. If you can, give yourself the pleasure of looking back over all your photos. Often, daily life is so hectic we don’t get a change to reflect and remember all those lovely memories. It will really help you to choose the right images to make sure your print is the best it can be.

  1. Think about the finished personalised photo print.

Close your eyes and imagine what you would like the print to be like when it is complete. To help make sure it is totally gorgeous, choose photos where the person’s head is completely in the middle of the photo. This is so important if you want the image cropped into a certain shape like a heart as it gives Framed Forever More enough room to crop around the head and make it look perfect.

  1. Avoid the blur!

Nobody likes a blurry photo! You are spending time, money and effort creating a beautiful keepsake. Try to make sure the images are as clear as you can possibly get them so that your print will last the test of time and make you smile on a daily basis!

  1. Filter off!

Everyone loves a good filter – kids love using the bunny ears to make silly photos and what’s not to love about a filter that gives you a youthful bloom? However, filters can affect the quality of your images and can alter the way your print is presented. It is really best to avoid all filters so that we can make sure your personalised photo print fulfils all your hopes and dreams.


Have a great time choosing your memorable images for your picture gift!