2020 Vision


2020 Vision: grab that go-get-‘em attitude!

The start of the year means thinking from a new perspective. Trying to see things from a fresh, alternative angle. This can help to bring an exciting taste of positive change and optimism to your life. Take a look at our 5 up-to-the-minute ways to help you beat the January blues, take on the world and win!

  1. Breathe in some fresh air with a new activity.

It is probably true to say that none of us gets outside enough. At this time of the year, our bodies are begging for some light and vitamin D. Self-motivation is a struggle at the best of times but in the gloominess of Winter it can be impossible. A really great way to motivate yourself is to choose a new activity, something you haven’t done before. This can be really basic and doesn’t have to be difficult. A new craze gripping Britain is an active park walking activity called Nordic walking. All this involves is walking with alpine sticks. This has proven to burn 46% more calories than normal walking and is gentle but great cardio. Check out your local parks now for a session and get it booked!


  1. Start a happy journal.

It seems like an easy move to make but you will not believe the difference this small action will make to your life. Get yourself a diary, journal or just a notebook. Choose the time of day you feel most positive and reflective. This could be first thing in the morning when you are planning your day, or last thing in the evening when you are thinking about the next. Write down three things. Two things that you are grateful for that day and one thing you would like to achieve. Focusing on the optimistic aspects of life can really encourage us all to feel more positively every day and really lifts mood.


  1. Plan a birthday or anniversary in advance.

Organising a special day before the event can make you feel in control and super-sorted. Start researching potential gifts and special activities so that the celebration will go without a hitch. Over at the Framed Forever More website, we have a huge variety of memorable keepsake gifts for every occasion. Pop over to www.framedforevermore.co.uk and find the perfect, personalised gift that will make everyone smile.


  1. Make someone else smile.

Experts have said it over and over again – do something kind for someone else and you will feel great inside. This doesn’t have to be a huge gesture; it can be really simple. A smile for a stranger, letting someone out in their car before you, asking someone how they are. All these gestures make others feel better and in turn makes us smile inside. One small but effective way to help others is to have a quick chat. Many coffee shops now have natter tables. People sit there if they would like to pass the time of day and have a quick chat. Give 5 minutes of your time and make someone’s day. There is no better feeling.


  1. You are important!

Take 5 minutes each evening before bed to reflect on what you have done that day and tell yourself you are important and what you do is appreciated. You do matter! Focusing on the active things you do well makes you sleep better and that sets you up for a great day tomorrow. Listening to podcasts at this time can also settle your mind. There are millions to choose from, lots of great ones about an optimistic mindset. One day at a time you can grab yourself a go-get-‘em attitude. Now it’s over to you to wow the world and win!